Sunday, September 2, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

I'm very excited about this week's menu. I can't wait for Wednesday's sesame chicken. I've searched several Chinese restaurants here and nobody makes it. So, I am trying it myself. I'm going home in October for a few weeks and will have some family recipes up. (can't make them here cause I can't find the ingredients) I can't wait for that either!! Thanks to Laura for organizing Menu Plan Monday. Check out other great recipes here.

Mixed Vegetables

White Rice

Seafood Quesadillas
Homemade guacamole (recipe below)

Leftover Night

(I'm making this on the weekend....Just in case I mess it up we can go for Chinese)

Grill Hamburgers
French Fries (aka Chips)

4-5 avocadoes
2 small tomatoes, diced
1 small red onion, diced
1 bunch cilantro, roughly chopped
salt to taste
zest and juice of 1 lemon

Smash avocadoes in a mixing bowl
Mix in tomatoes, onion, lemon zest, cilantro and lemon juice
Salt to taste
Top off with a bit more lemon juice (do not stir again)



tegdirb92 said...

we had a sesame chicken recipe last week from Paula Deen and it was delicious!! yummy meal plan!! Enjoy your week.

Laura said...

Just saw your comment about PB Chicken. Hope you like. Depending on what kind of cook you are, I tend to ignore the measurements and just dump a lot more of everything into the bowl. If you like to measure, it will still taste great, but I'm the kind of cook that sort of eyeballs it, and I think it comes out every more delicious with more PB and more of everything else for the sauce. ;)

Misslionheart said...

Another great menu Nic. I can't wait to see some pics!

Maggie said...

I love guacamole! I wish avocados went on sale more often.

Jenny-up the hill said...

Your entire week sounds yummy! Thanks for the Sesame chicken husband will be happy!

Sallie said...

Hey, great menu!!! We make schnitzel too as my husband lived many years in Germany. I'd love to know the spices you use.

God bless,

Candi said...

Yum...everything sounds sooo good!!

Hope you have agreat week!!

Crystal said...

Sorry about last week, I never got a chance to leave a message but I wanted to stop by and say your menu looks great! I am gonna have to check out some of your recipes!

Katie said...

Wow! Everything sounds so delicious! I love guacamole! I will have to try your recipe. Have a great week!

denisebautista said...

Sounds yummy! I love homemade guacamole sauce. I use Rotel tomatoes & chilies in mine. Gives it just a bit of kick without being too spicy for the kids. Have a great week!!

Debbie said...

That is one dish we love here, the Sesame Chicken. The Chinese Restaurant knows us by name here. Do you have PF Changs your way?

Enjoyed your menu plan,