Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday's Feast #162

How are you today?
A little lazy today. It's cold and rainy and all I want to do is sleep!

Name 3 television shows you watch on a regular basis.
I'm all about TV. Here are a few favs... Barefoot Contessa, Sex in the City, Everybody Loves Raymond

What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced?
When I lived in Memphis with my good friend Jill (about 10 yrs ago), we were sharing a room in her parents 2 story house upstairs. There were bad thunderstorms the entire night. Around 2am I think the roof almost lifted up! I was so scared that I ran downstairs yelling for Jill's parents. (I forgot my dear friend upstairs) Now it's a joke with her family how I left Jill to be taken away by a tornado.

Main Course
If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be?
Back in the US at my Grandma's house with my family.

What do you usually wear to sleep?
I know this is TMI... I usually go to sleep in a large shirt, but in the mornings I usually end up without it. hehe


Misslionheart♥ said...

TMI? What's that?

And where does the t-shirt go? Do you sleepwalk and do the washing? lol

p.s. Loved the comment on my post!

Kara said...

LOL at your dessert! Great feast :D

ellen b said...

I love Barefoot Contessa! Very scarey salad!!
Have a great weekend...

Laura said...

Loved your dessert! Thank you for stopping by to dine with me as well!

Ashley said...

Hilarious. I can't stand to sleep in anything but my underwear. In the winter I just add socks and pile on the blankets. How is that for TMI?